The main thing is to have a goal

I opened the page about 5 years ago. Then I broke up with the girl and wanted to visit a dating site to find a replacement. This was a necessary measure because I was very angry because of the betrayal of my girlfriend. Then I was looking for a girl for a short affair, so I did not choose special qualities. I just wanted to find a pretty girl for one night but without a relationship. I chatted for about a week and then closed my page. I did not want to delete this - I just left the site.

Then I checked my account a couple of times every six months so as not to lose it. I was too lazy to fill out the questionnaire again but so far I did not want to read the messages there. But I also did not want to lose my profile. I saw that for 3 years there were many leading letters and many of them were closed because the girl had their pages deleted. I did not read the contents of the letters - I just saw that there were a lot of them there.

After that girl, I had short novels, but it was just fun. I didn’t want a serious relationship because I was used to living alone. I was free and improved my life. I started collecting candlesticks and it was my hobby. Once every two weeks I went to the flea market and looked for antique candlesticks to complement my collection. It was very exciting and I found peace in it. I had a lot of friends (girls too).

My life seemed simple and happy and I did not want to create problems through relationships and family. Maybe I wanted children but was not yet ready for marriage. Then I again remembered my page and decided to check my mail on a dating site. I read a lot of letters, but one of them was strange. While still at university, my friend was making commercials as a project work for his diploma. We did not use this video on TV, we sent it to the network. There was an advertisement for a men's perfume (made-up) and I got a lavish role. It was funny and I agreed.

On a dating site, I received a message from a girl who saw that video and she was fascinated by my personality and appearance, she said that I look like a Hollywood actor in that costume. It was nice but also strange. She wrote that letter almost 6 years ago and sent a new letter every year.

She saw that I was still on the site, just rarely going online. She continued to write all these years to get an answer from me. It surprised me, but it was very nice. I answered her and we started a chat. Our conversation lasted a month and she offered to meet. I was glad and a little upset - she waited for my answer for almost 3 years. We drank coffee and saw that we have a lot of common things, thoughts and hobbies. She was pretty and very modest. Maybe I didn’t understand correctly, but it seems she has not had a boyfriend all these years because she wanted to get an answer from me.

Now we live together and collect money for a beautiful wedding. We have many plans and we want to go to Venice. We express our plans through collecting various pictures from magazines and stick it on the refrigerator. Many take magnets there but we take photos of places we want to see. This is our whim and we are happy about it. Her parents came to us and my mother loves her very much. I think that I completely rethought my life and now I understand that our relationship is the most important thing that I have. She wants to open her business because she is a budding designer. I want to help her organize her first collection and realize her dreams. She helps me with my work. We live very happily and I was sorry that I did not answer her letter before. But now we are together and this is really important.

So far, our travel plans have been delayed for several years because we are expecting a baby. This is an amazing feeling and I am very glad that I opened my page there. We also want to invite my friend from the university because he became the reason for our acquaintance. I think many people have their beliefs but fate has personal plans for all people. Maybe you need to be careful to see your happiness. I read various stories about dating sites and I can say that each story is really unique. But it is also important to be a good person without high ambitions if you are looking for your partner there. I didn’t think that a girl whom I didn’t know could change my life this way and it’s very cool.