Chatting is not living together

For a long time I did not want to look for a girl on a dating site because it was virtual communication that rarely shows a real character. I opened the page and looked at the profiles of girls from my country. I was not ready to move because here I had a good job and my own apartment. I saved a lot to buy this and the car. My life was calm and stable, but I wanted a relationship so that I had comfort at home. I rarely cook, often buy food at the store or order delivery of ready meals. Once a week I go to my parents to spend time with them and my younger brothers. I graduated from university about 10 years ago, but now I want to get an education in tourism again.

My past relationship was after university and we lived together for almost 6 years. But everything was boring and monotonous. We worked on simple jobs with low income because we did not have experience after studying. Then I thought about career growth or finding a more profitable job. My girlfriend did not want to move on and was glad of that small salary which was not enough even for her female needs. Such a life annoyed me and I suggested that she return to her mother. She also agreed because she called me a problem and the cause of all our financial difficulties.

I talked with different girls but they were not interesting to me. I worked, visited the gym, read books and attended lectures on personality development. I liked to learn new things, so I was assembling aircraft designers from wood. I wanted to learn and develop because I liked it. I was an active person who wanted to find an active partner. I did not look at her appearance or her social status.

I found a girl and we decided to meet in a restaurant where my friend worked. It was a nice and comfortable place with wonderful food. I love meat and there are many dishes with amazing recipes. I wanted to surprise her and show the best dishes. We met and I noticed that she was dressed in a comfortable style (more sporty). Then I told her about the restaurant and she was embarrassed. I was pleased that the girl dressed neutral to walk with the guy and she does not want to go to the restaurant in sneakers. I said that this is my friend’s restaurant and no one will look at her appearance. We spent almost 2 hours there. It was fun and interesting. But then she offered to go to the central park because she had a surprise. There we took two electric scooters and rode almost until night. It was very cool even after a hearty dinner.

She talked about flowers because she has a large garden at home. Flowers were her hobby and I liked it. She loved to walk in the woods and sleep in a tent in nature. I also loved nature, but had not slept in a tent for a long time. We had a lot of common themes and there were things that we could give each other. She knew things that I did not know. And I told her about my airplane designers. I liked her quality, being interested in other people's hobbies. It was respectful and pleasant.

We often met and visited various unusual events: from the exhibition of novice artists to paragliding. It was very inspiring and I saw her shining eyes. Then I invited her to live together, but she refused - she did not want to leave her house. We chose rare encounters. She came to me 3 times a week. It was also comfortable because I liked living alone. I wanted family comfort, but so far I was not ready for this.

Then I took a vacation and we decided to stay with me for a week. Her mother arrived and she lived in her house to water the flowers. We decided to try to be together every minute all week. To be honest, I was disappointed after 3 days. All the excitement and inspiration was gone when we spent these days at home almost silently. I offered different events, but she was against it. She sat on the phone and chatted with friends on social networks. At first I thought about mood swings or difficult days, but at the end of the seventh day I was glad that she had left. We lived together but I did not feel it. I did my business: read, assembled the designer, watched a movie, went to the gym. She just sat with her phone and that's it. She cooked and we talked when we ate, but then everyone went to his room and that’s it. After she left I did not write to her. I understood that living together would be impossible. But as a friend, I did not want to see her either. She did not write to me too.