The dating site turned out to be an excellent platform for communication

My brother chatted with girls from different countries, but I did not believe that I could find my love and feel something until I saw the girl in person. He talked there for almost a year and found a girl from our city. They are still together because they found each other's interests. Maybe it’s cool when you have a common hobby.

I also decided to open a profile there because I wanted to find my love. The last relationship I had almost six months ago and now I completely forgot her. I want to love and be loved again because I am a person of creativity and I need to have inspiration to paint. I work as a graphic designer and create interior design models, but inspiration is very important to me.

My ex-girlfriend was good and kind. We were a perfect couple and she was my inspiration. Our relationship lasted a long time but then she wanted to go to Paris to find good model courses. I understood that this would be a good chance for her and I was not opposed. Then our relationship was at a distance and it became bad. Then we phoned and decided to stop it because she decided to stay there. We remained friends because I knew her from school and did not want to be enemies or just former.

Now I am ready for new relationships, so an open profile on the acquaintance site has become a good solution for me. I often visit galleries and exhibitions, but I want to find a girl who will not be part of art. I know from my experience that this leads to a desire to conquer new heights. I want to find a simple girl who will have her own interests. I respect other people's hobbies because I have mine. We are all unique people and I accept human characteristics. My brother loves hard rock and I don’t listen to such music. But I listen to it when I visit him and that’s normal. He is watching my projects with interest and I am also pleased.

I talked with the girl for several months and we went to the cafe a couple of times. I liked her because she had a long list of interests. This is an amazing person with a high level of energy. Sometimes I didn’t understand what she was talking about stars and galactic dust, but she told it with such passion that I listened with great pleasure. Such people give energy and joy, they inspire.

We still communicate and soon our relationship will move to a new level. It seems to me that I found such a girl who will be a good friend and a good bride for me. Our communication is very easy and positive. I love open people and I am glad that I met her. Now I am looking for an apartment for rent and maybe she will agree to live together. I still communicate on that site but I don’t think I can find a girl who will be better than my Nicky. It seems to me that I have known her for a long time because we just read each other's thoughts. My brother is also very happy but says that I am in a hurry with a proposal to live together.

I don’t know how to tell her about it and still think. Maybe I'm afraid to get a negative answer because my friends say that many girls on a dating site are not looking for feelings but are looking for better living conditions. Maybe I'm too gullible? But I am determined. Now she has gone to her parents, but when she returns I will tell her personally that I had feelings. I do not want to be just friends. This dating site turned out to be an excellent platform for communication, but if Nicky agrees to live with me, then I will delete my profile. I need only one muse for my creative personality.

I am waiting for her arrival and I am very worried. I don’t even want to think what will happen if she says no to me. This girl has become special for me in such a short time and I do not want to lose her. Maybe I will leave that site and wait until my feelings for Nicky leave.