I am only looking for a housewife

When I opened my profile, I dreamed of a pretty girl of average height who would cook well and would delight me every day. I am ready to accept that she will sit at home without work because a hearty meal and a clean apartment are more important to me. I do not care about her hobbies and views. I am only looking for a housewife who will do household chores. I communicate with many girls at work and many of them are very emotional and quite hot. I am not loyal so I want to find a wife only for home comfort. I read the forum and I was advised to look for wives from Asian countries afterwards that there is a very serious upbringing for girls and their family will be in the first place. They are also very modest and quiet - this is also a plus for me.

I filled out my questionnaire and wrote that I am ready to make money in the family, but I expect only future loyalty from my future wife, order in the house and humility. I always often stopped relationships and found another girl, but now I want my wife to be in my house. I'm tired of spending money on food delivery and a cleaning lady. Even if I sometimes buy gifts for my wife, it will be cheaper than such expenses. I will forbid my wife to work so that she does not communicate with other men. I don't need jealousy or scandals. I also want her to have no friends because they will tell her bad things and ask her to go to the cafe with them. I do not need it. I will be in charge of the house and I will do what I want, but she must respect my rules.

This questionnaire scared off many girls, but some of them were pleased with my conditions. I wrote that I am not a dictator but I like to seek new relationships. I will do various pleasant things for my wife, but she must close her eyes to my novels and adventures. It's okay to write the truth. I think that a girl should know where she is going if she plans to leave her country. Many Asian brides have left for Europe and America and live with such conditions without difficulty. Asian brides are the most calm and picky.

I chatted with three girls from China and two of them would be happy to move to me with my conditions. They agreed because one of them was left without work and the second lives with her parents in a suburb of Beijing. I will be happy to help my wife's parents because my parents have died a long time ago. I think that is correct. Also, I am not against children, especially young children, who force a woman to be at home constantly. Maybe we will have common children. Children are good and their number does not scare me. One of the girls wrote that she found a guy and the other planned a trip to me. I did not like such perseverance and I offered to chat in a video chat. She is cute for a Chinese woman - small, fragile with a beautiful face and a good figure. She knows how to cook but only Asian cuisine but can learn European. I was glad about it and I did not think about love and feelings. I liked her as a positive and kind girl with a good appearance. Maybe my desire to find a wife was like buying a wife. But I did not feel love; all my relationships were simple entertainment. My English level was better than hers, but I was hoping that she could learn my native language.

After work, I’m always tired and I would like my wife to be positive and to lighten my mood. This girl was a good choice for me and I suggested she buy a ticket to me. I gave her 2 weeks to pack and find out the opinion of her parents. They were against moving their daughter to a stranger in Europe but then agreed. I was glad because I respect the parents of other people but did not want to communicate with them personally. We decided to live a month together because the first time will be the most difficult. I also told her that she will have her own room and we will spend time together in my bedroom. I love freedom and want to have my space. She will have her own room and we will buy for her everything she needs - a beautiful picture, a mirror with butterflies, a chandelier, plants, a carpet with a large pile. Let her room be what she wants - this is not a problem. She wanted nothing and came to me for 3 months. She was good and kind but too boring for me. I offered to be friends and bought a ticket for her home to Beijing.